Mormon Church Excommunicates Kate Kelly, Women's Rights Activists

They also threatened another member, John Dehlin, who runs a forum for Mormons questioning their faith.

In preparation for the council hearing, Kelly said that she sent the council, or "bishopric," a letter explaining why she should not be excommunicated, along with more than 1,000 letters of support on her behalf. We should not try to dictate to God what is right for His Church," Church spokeswoman Ally Isom said in the statement.

The decision to excommunicate her was made by three male church officials in Oakton, Virginia.

"I will not stop speaking out publicly on the issue of gender inequality in the church," she wrote. She included photos of herself growing up in the Mormon church and explained how she was a devout follower but had been asking "tough questions" her entire life, and would not stop doing so.< br>
Mormon Crackdown Sheds Light on Thriving LDS 'Bloggernacle'

"In the Church, we want everyone to feel welcome, safe and va…

Apricots Are Loading With Nutritional Goodies

What you consider in can impact your current vision. Dr. Robert G. Cumming, the particular lead researcher for your Blue Mountains Eye Study, says, "Our research confirms the worth of vitamin Any regarding cataract prevention." Cumming adds, "Our overall conclusion is that any well-balanced meals are needed for eye health."


Apricots are somewhat lesser known within society, however pack a super nutritional punch.

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Alexander your great fell in adore with this surprisingly sweet fruit in Asia, where he located these people growing wild. Whenever he returned to Europe via his military expeditions, he brought a few along with him.


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The apricot can end up being a wonderful fruit - loaded with beta carotene, iron, fiber, vitamin C, and several B vitamins. In case an individual dry an apricot, its vitamins as well as minerals have more concentrated, creating dried a…